Monday, May 30, 2011

Maiden Post!

Hello world of crafty blogs!
My name is Lisa and I am here to share my adventures in the real world of crafting and living.  I enjoy a variety of crafting modes such as sewing, baking, and generally trying new or copying stellar ideas such is the object of my first post!  I found this Buttercup Bag tutorial at and decided to try it!

After my first attempt at it I realized that this is going to be wayyyy too small for my everyday use but it would be the perfect size for the little girls (cousins/friend's girls) in my life!
Soo because I have 4 little girls total in my life who I knew could use one I decided to make 3 more!

After I made these four I decided to take the suggestion of   Made by RAE
and enlarge the pattern 120% to make a larger one.  I also added two pockets to the outside for a little extra storage.  This is how it turned out: 
It was a fun and relatively easy first experience with sewing a purse and definitely had me looking for other patterns to try!  Thanks for reading! The next post will feature the next purse design I have experimented with!

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