Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A 2 dress week

This week was a two-dress week.

In the previous post I mentioned that my first project on my machine was a green dress.  Well here it is modeled by my lovely sister Emily!
This dress is made from Simplicity Pattern 4462.  I added the flower embellishments along the neckline using some of the same fabric the dress was made from along with some ivory lace.

Then because I hadn't had enough of this pattern (and because it fits really nicely; perfectly hiding the racer-back undergarment styles!) I decided to make another dress from this pattern.  I used two different fabrics this time with a satin floral print for the skirt and a brown knit for the top again.  The second time around I was able to construct the dress (from cutting to hemming) in about 4 hours.  Anything I am able to finish in 1 day is appreciated and ups the chance I'll make it again in the future.

Here it is!
The only problems that I ran into during the construction
of these dresses is that if you do not have a walking foot and are not using a serger sewing with a knit layer on top (directly under the presser-foot) will cause that top knit layer to stretch.  What I found works better is when you are sewing 2layers together put the firmer layer (in this pattern usually the layer that has the interfacing attached) on top (underneath the presser-foot) and the single knit layer on the bottom (closest to the feed dogs).  It also helps to baste the edges like the pattern directs and to use many many many pins to help ease the fabric when sewing the curves.

Em and I had a dress modeling session on Sunday and here are a few more of my favorite photos from the shoot.  I had some fun on Picnik with the photo finishes.

Find these dresses twirling around at the following link-parties this week:

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Dragonfly Designs


  1. SUCH cute dresses! I wish I could sew better. I have a sewing machine and have only pulled it out twice in three years. I need to do something to get going on it. :)

  2. Thanks so much! There are definitely some very cute, simple, fast sewing tutorials out there to get you started! If you have an idea of a category you'd like to try (clothing, accessory, home decor, child's toy, etc.) I might be able to suggest some tutorials I've either made or had my eye on! P.S. I'll be following you! It'd be awesome if you could follow me back! (trying to build up the circle ya know since I'm pretty new to blogging :)


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