Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Refinished Dollar Rocker

I got this rocker at a garage sale earlier this summer for $1. That's right you heard it right $1 dollar bill (and actually it was less since I didn't have any cash my sweet garage sale-ing partner Mother bought it for me!)
It was a darker stained wood finish with a blue flower courdery fabric it had been re-upholstered with.  I liked the details and it seemed sturdy enough so I decided it would do nicely for my first furniture re-finish attempt.

Here's where I should've realized to take pictures so there could be before and after photos...forgive me I'm still getting in the habit of having my camera near by to take pictures of things that I might blog about later...

At first I was going to strip the chair and re-stain it.  After attempting stripping it numerous times I'd had it and decided to paint it instead.  Maybe the stripper was too old and wasn't working I don't know but I decided to paint it instead.  Wanting a quick fix I turned to spray paint.  I chose an Ivory color in whatever brand they had at Walmart...  I think it started with a "K," Krylon maybe?

I ended up using 2 cans since I was using a light color.

I then found the fabric at Joann's and using the previous covering (and foam) as a guide I cut out a piece of fabric and a piece of foam for each the top and bottom.

In putting it together again is where it's very helpful to have an extra set of hands helping you so one can handle the staple gun and the other can stretch the fabric into place.

This is how she turned out!
I'm happy with it as my first attempt at re-doing a piece of furniture.  You can't see all the paint imperfections from the photos...there are a few, but it's my hope though that as a do a few more pieces I'll get better at technique!

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  1. Awesome redo! Pretty fabric choice!

  2. Thanks! This was actually the second fabric I'd picked out for it and I'm really glad I went with it!

  3. Thanks! I just checked out your recent wall paint job and I'd have to say I'm wowed by that as well! I am in love with the trellis patterns lately too!

  4. This turned out great Lisa! Can't wait to see your future projects :)

  5. Turned out great and great choice of fabric. With your choice of fabric, you can change the look of the chair, just by picking up one of the other colours in the fabric. I am a new follower.

  6. Thanks Donna! and Thanks for following! Be sure to stay tuned, I'd love for you to enter the giveaway once we reach 25!

  7. Sandi @ Making It Homey said...This turned out so beautiful, you did a great job.

  8. It looks great, especially since it only cost a dollar and it's your first piece of furniture!

  9. great job! Come on over and link up to Scrappy Saturdays at candacecreations.blogspot.com!

  10. amazing! Thanks for linking up this super cute chair to scrappy saturdays, I hope you'll come back this weekend and participate again :)


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