Friday, December 2, 2011

Silhouette Excitement :)

I will be needing the above tutorial very soon NOW! because...

Christmas has come early for my fiance and me!!!  (ok ok I'm super excited because I got my Christmas gift early and I WASN'T expecting it at all!)

So I knew Sgt. J wanted a new computer so on Black Friday we went and got a pretty good deal on a pretty high-quality lap-top.  I know I know pretty expensive gift.  Since we are getting married next summer we figured we could spend a little more on each other this Christmas since after this we will probably NEVER spend that much on each other again.

I kinda need a new laptop but I also have a fairly new desktop so I didn't really want a new laptop...I wanted something FUN!  So I made a "wish list" on amazon...we order from that site like every week I swear we should be paid advertisement for them (hint hint Amazon owners :)  and e-mailed it to the fiance...didn't think I'd get anything from it till Christmas. Oh, if your wondering what I wished was a serger and a Silhouette.

Well when I got home yesterday there was a big box sitting on the kitchen table!  I sorta opened it enough to see that it was a SILHOUETTE!  Oh joyous of day! YES! WOOWOO! I couldn't tell you how happy I was.  Because it had been shipped to me instead of Sgt. J I figured I was safe to open it.

Then my mother got all guilty on me...she thought that Sgt. J should be there to witness all the joy.  So I sat in anticipation the rest of the evening in hopes that I will get to dig in tonight if Sgt. J and I are able to get together...don't worry Silhouette, we will make it happen, you will come out of your box tonight!

In the mean time I am planning's a few I have my eye on...

Some Directions on how to cut fabric I'll be reading:

Cute Fabric Flowers!  I would like to make some and include them in the flower arrangements next summer at our there might be quite a few posts about Silhouette flowers coming. 

This is a FREE flower template!

Rest assured I will definitely be trying this freezer paper trick from now on using my Silhouette...I did to the freezer paper stencil on shirts before and let me tell you how time consuming that is cutting the design out with a razor blade...for sure excited about this!


  1. I am so jealous! I want a silhouette more than anything, but alas I have to wait until who knows when.

  2. I know how you feel! Once I started blogging and realized how much you can do with it, it flew to the top of my "want these crafting supplies" list!

    Thanks for stopping by to check out Sew Gloried!

    I'm headed over to your blog(s) right now!

  3. awesome! did you get to open it yet? ;)


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