Thursday, February 2, 2012

Storage Canisters

The only toy that can handle my dog's play is a tennis ball.  So I've been saving the containers and have started using them around the house.  But, one day I decided to decorate them to make them cute!

1. Open silhouette software and choose a design.  For the first canister I chose an all-over background pattern that was one of the original 50 designs.  Also change the page size to 6.5"x9.5"
Note: To change the side of the vinyl that cuts first (long edge instead of short edge) go to the "Page" tab then at the bottom select "Advanced Options" this will allow you to choose which edge you want to insert first.
2. Picture #3 is what the vinyl looked like when the machine first started cutting...(SORRY I PUT THE WRONG NUMBER ON THE PICTURE)  
3.  I thought I was safe and looked away...which is how picture #2 happened!
4.  So...I stuck my piece of vinyl on the mat and re-cut it that way.

5.Me doing homework...Sil cutting away...
6.  Weeding time! I used the hook tool.  I can tell you this is much cleaner weeding than the garden kind in the summer.
7.Weeding all done!
8.  Smooth transfer paper on top of vinyl.

9. Carefully peeling the transfer paper and vinyl away from backing...some of the design did break :/ but I kept on peeling.
10.  Grab on of your tennis cans that you have removed the label from.
11.  Smooth transfer paper and vinyl around can.
12.  Slowly peel off the transfer paper and smooth down any vinyl that didn't quite stick.

Walla!  You have some cute canisters in which to store things! The one on the left stores plastic bags in the car. The one on the right now stores doggy treats for Bailee!

For those without a silhouette I think it'd still be super cute to just cut .5" to 1" strips to apply either horizontal or vertical to dress them up a bit.

What will/do you use your tennis cans for?

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