Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: The Beach

Inspiration Workshop: The Beach

This week at Inspiration Workshop we received THE PROMPT:
As I mentioned above, I am away on a little vacation with my family. In honor of my little vacay {with my vacay totein tow, of course}, this week's prompt is THE BEACH. I love spending time at THE BEACH... Here are some of my favorite beach "things": watching Bauer splash in the water, digging my toes in the sand, catching some rays. A visit to the beach is one way I recharge my batteries after a long week at work, and fortunately here in Minnesota {the land of 10,000 lakes} beaches are aplenty. Yeow! What inspires you about THE BEACH? Have you recently taken a beach vacation? Or do you dream of a day on THE BEACH? Or maybe you enjoy "coastal" {beach} decor?

So in-light of the above prompt I have these photos as my inspiration this week:
Love the old style station wagons/ suburbans with the wood panels, perfect vacation vehicle for heading to the beach.
A super cute tote I would make and take to the beach...might add this to the make list next week.
Swimsuit I could totally rock at the beach when I arrived there in my old station wagon with my tote bag. 

The above pictures are from the small American Samoa islands, beaches where I would someday love to go!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you were a bit inspired yourself!

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  1. I love the picture of the packed wood panel station wagon. It screams "going to beach"!

  2. Adorable swimsuit. That station wagon pic is great!

  3. Love beach pictures- absolutely gorgeous!


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