Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Well it's Feburary extra day of work...but also an extra day to craft!  Here are some crafts and projects I noticed this week while browsing the link parties.  They are all projects I'd love to use this extra day to work on this year!
Pet Silhouettes by Kirsten from Paint Speckled Pawprints
by Amy at Life's Jewelry Box

A Light Fixture Combination Re-do by Peter at Life at Lower Mountain

So head on over and check these blogs out! From crafting to baking to home up-dating this week's Wonderful Wednesday has something for everyone!

Those who were featured can pick up their "featured button" on this page.

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  1. Lisa, thank you so much for featuring my pet silhouettes! That was sweet of you to do that. I love your link parties! Will be linking up every week.

  2. Thank you again for featuring Peter's post on your blog!! We are soo excited to share our ideas and projects with everyone, it really means a lot to have such sweet responses to the things we do..hehe Have a very blessed week..we'll be linking up again soon :)

    love from

  3. Lisa you are so sweet to feature my homemade potato chips, thank you!!

  4. Love those silhouettes - so cute!!

    PS - I've tagged you in a bloggy Q&A pressure to answer my questions, but you can if you want to!

  5. Oh those homemade potato chips look awesome. I found your blog through the blog hop. Glad I did.


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