Thursday, March 8, 2012

Horse Head Pillows

This past Christmas I participated in my 1st office Christmas party and secret-Santa gift exchange.  The co-worker who's name I drew really likes horses and on the sheet of ideas we passed around she requested a new saddle :/ Well, they cost a-lot of money this college student doesn't have so I was able to come up with these pillows which I think she liked!

These are the basic steps:
Cut a square piece of fabric for the front of the pillow (sorry I don't have a pic of this!)

Cut two pieces of fabric for the back of the pillow.  Cut these pieces the same width as the front but just a bit shorter than the front square so that you have two rectangles of the same size that are slightly shorter than the front square. (sorry I don't have a pic of this either!)

Finish one edge of each of the back rectangles.  I did this by zig-zagging the edge and then folding it over and stitching along the edge.  

I cut two horse-head shapes out of fabric using my Silhouette machine.  You could also print out a shape and trace it on to your fabric and cut it out that way if you do not have a cutting machine.  Because I was making two pillows I flipped the image for one so that the heads would be facing each other.  

Stitch close to the edges of the shape to hold down.  I did have fusible interfacing on the back of mine as well but I felt safer also stitching the edges down.

With right-sides together match one back rectangle up with the top of your pillow.  Pin along the top and sides.

Layer the other back rectangle on next, finished edge toward the middle and matching the bottom and side edges with the edges of the front square. 

Sew along all outside edges.  This creates the pocket/envelope pillow cover.

Turn right-side out and insert pillow form! You're done!

Stay tuned for the Giveaway revealed coming on Saturday!

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  1. These are so cute!! I so wish I had sewing abilities :)!

    1. Thanks Megan! Just let me know if you'd ever like to have anything sewn and I'd love to work with you on something!...or perhaps do an exchange for a sweet piece of jewelry? ;)

  2. Glad you shared. These would be perfect for our Derby time around these parts!

  3. Those are awesome! I love the fabric choices too! I bet your co-worker was impressed!

    Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!


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