Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why the Name Change?

You may be wondering why I have changed the name from "lisaranae" to Sew Gloried.  When I started blogging I sort of knew I didn't want to name the blog after me...but I didn't know what I wanted to name it either.  So in the absence of any brilliant or inspired names I simply named it after my first and middle name.

However as I've had the chance to reflect about it over the past 8 weeks or so I realized that if I kept the title "lisaranae" for the blog I really felt that I was creating the blog in a direction that focused on me and my projects...praise of myself.  Which is not what I want the blog's mission to be.

Then I thought about my life mission which as a Christian is to reflect God's love and purpose he has for people to others in the world.

Then I thought about and wondered how this could be manifested in the blogging presentation of my life.  I wanted to glorify Him in all aspects...this is how I got stuck on the word "glory."

Originally I desired to change the name to "Gloried" as a depiction of how I desire God to be gloried in the blog I write...this name however was already taken.

It took me a few more days and thesaurus look-ups to finally decide on Sew Gloried.  This name serves as a reminder to me and a statement to others that it is possible to glorify God in all you do...including crafting!

That being said, most of my posting won't necessarily have religious content but it will ALWAYS be family friendly!

I hope you enjoy the blog and are blessed and inspired by the content!

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