Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoulder/Crossbody Purse

My favorite style of purse right now is the Shoulder/Crossbody Purse as when I wear it cross-body my hands are freer to (browse the sale racks) hehe... see it's a very useful design.

Using the pattern I featured in a giveaway post here, you can also see an example of another one I've created for a giveaway here, I've created some more versions by altering the pattern a bit.

 For this one I kept the flap and the basic shape but I added a reach-in pocket to the backside.  I love having this deep and rather large pocket on the outside because I keep my keys and cell phone there for quick access.

 On this purse I omitted the top flap but kept the added pocket on the back side.

 This purse was my first real time working with laminating fabric.  I used the iron-on plastic.  I'm not exactly sure if I'm fond of it or not.  It is easy to wrinkle when turning the bag inside out and hard to un-wrinkle.  However, I can see how it could be useful when making something that is better off water-repellent. This one has the top flap omitted and does not have the extra outside pocket.

All three of these purses are also up-for-grabs in my shop!


  1. Just curious are you going to put any of your jewelry you made on your shop? It was really cute!

  2. Love it! Your sewing is really great!

  3. I wish I could make myself one of these - way cute!

  4. Thanks guys! Well... if you would like one they are listed in the shop! ;)

    As for the jewelry I think I have a few pieces I could list! Thanks for the interest B! Check back soon, I'll do a post on them when I've listed them!


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