Monday, April 2, 2012

Updates & Resolutions

End of March updates:
  • A March giveaway winner has been chosen! Cynthia R. congratulations! 
  • I have 2 more sponsor spots left open for April.  Check out the sponsor page to find out what the perks of sponsoring Sew Gloried are.
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Lately I have been feeling guilty for not blogging more.  

When I started trying to grow my blog last summer/fall I really thought I could follow all the awesome advice out there and aspire to create something that could potentially be a source of income...Well then I got engaged, we bought a house, and I am still working full time and taking classes towards my master's degree.  As more people are "following" Sew Gloried I feel more and more responsible for providing entertaining content, inspiring ideas, AND reliable posting. 

Source: via Hilary on Pinterest
However, I feel as though I need to write this post after reading an excellent one by Kate at The Small Things Blog.  There are several other posts out there along these lines that emphasize the balance that you need when just living life.  Also, I really do enjoy blogging...but not so much when it becomes something I worry about.

Source: via Hilary on Pinterest
All that being said, I'm not stopping blogging.  I'm just changing how I view it.  
I am OK if I don't make money from it. 
I am OK if I don't have 1000's of followers; I really like you who are with me now;).  
I am OK with posting when I am sane'ly able to.
I am OK with allowing myself to ENJOY sharing ideas without feeling obligated to provide new content all the time.
I am OK with writing tutorials that aren't the most detailed...if you've got questions about one just ask!
and lastly...
I am OK with not feeling guilty for asking you to be understanding as you read Sew Gloried over the next few months :)     
 I hope you are OK with all these too :)

Thanks for the all the support!

I will still be coordinating sponsor swaps and have 2 more spots for April!

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